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It had to be done... - mutancy is normality

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Previous Entry It had to be done... Jul. 28th, 2004 @ 10:51 pm Next Entry
I hate to do this, but I'm offically putting xthought_crimex on hold for now. I'm not shutting it down, because I really love a lot of the ideas we got floating around here, but the sad truth is I don't have any time right now to dedicate to this game, and there aren't enough players at the moment. Lily e-mailed me earlier this week, saying she would have to leave for personal reasons, so besides me, there's just Q, Mylia and Julie.

I have bough the domain name www.xthoughtcrime.com though, so you see I'm not completly flaking out. I'm also strongly considering moving xthought_crimex to Greatest Journal, for all their pictures and such.

I want to know if everyone is still interested in this game, and wants to hold onto their characters. I'll take over Pete and Vic from Lily for now, but if anyone is dying to have either one, let me know.

I'm going away for the weekend, but as soon as I get back on Tuesday, I'm going to start dedicating a lot of energy into this game. It deserves a spiffy website and great players, interest and activity. I'll have a whole bunch of information by this time next week, hopefully.

Let everyone you know hear about this game, because it'll be cool, promise! And if anyone wants to offer any help in any way, I'd be more than happy to accept it :)
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Date:July 29th, 2004 04:37 am (UTC)
Count me in as wanting to stay. I know I haven't been Miss Always Playing....but hopefully after this move goes through I'll be back to my old self.
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