mutancy is normality

a x-men/1984 rpg

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War is Peace

Freedom is Slavery

Ignorance is Strength

Mutancy is Normality

An X-Men/1984 RPG.

After World War II, the Party began to take control. Eventually, Great Britian and the United States were combined to form Oceania with the Inner Party governing the people, the Outer Party doing the manual work, and the proles continuing their poor existance, considered animals by all Party members.

Around this same time, mutants began to become common. The Party instantly recognized both the threat and the promise that mutants held, and decided to take advantage of the situation...

There are three different social classes that your character may fall under. From highest to lowest, they are the Inner Party, the Outer Party and the proletarians, or the proles.

Taken Characters
Jean Grey | grey_reflection | reddphoenixx73 (Julie)
Scott Summers |xscott_summersx | reddphoenixx73 (Julie)
Kitty Pryde |shadow_thoughts | ShadowcatMylia (Mylia)
Dani Moonstar | moonstarmirage | ShadowcatMylia(Mylia)
Victor Creed | jagged_memories | xwisdomburnsx (Lily)
Pete Wisdom | wisdom_burns | xwisdomburnsx (Lily)
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Jono Starsmore | jono_starsmore KittyPrydeWisdom (Christine)
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Big Brother | xbig_brotherx | KittyPrydeWisdom (Christine)

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Now accepting applications for any and all canon characters. I will eventually accept oc's too, but rather start with some canon ones. You can post your application here, or e-mail one to glittergrr@yahoo.com. For now, just tell me what character you're intersted in, why, brief history, a writing sample, your name and contact info and your rpg history.